Chester Abbey is a boutique law firm that focuses on international cross-border litigation and crisis management for ultra high net worth individuals, Government bodies and Fortune 500 companies.


International counsel 

We provide counsel to clients globally on a variety of matters including special investigations, enforcement actions, reputation management, family law, sanctions compliance, advice and delisting, asset recovery and dispute resolution. We help protect our clients from past, present and future legal matters advising on a range of areas to help minimise regulatory and financial risk.

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Cross border investigations

Our clients turn to us to help them manage the risk arising from such events. We use our experience of international cross-border investigations, prosecutions and regulatory proceedings; as well as parallel civil damages claims, to guide our clients to achieve strategic and commercially pragmatic results while minimising the risk of unsuccessful outcomes.

Chester Abbey specialises in resolving high conflict legal disputes on the global stage. Our creative, direct and often aggressive approach to litigation ensures we obtain our clients objectives.  

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