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Asset Recovery


Chester Abbey specialises in managing offensive and defensive cross-border conflicts and crisis management strategies for ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs), Nation states and Corporations. Our unique approach combining both in-court and out-of-court strategies to high value disputes is the premier solution for resolving business disputes and sovereign-driven investigations, tracing and recovering misappropriated funds, defending against asset attacks, as well as acquiring and strategically deploying information to provide clients with a commercial advantage in their disputes and investigations.


We have unique reach and expertise in some of the hardest jurisdictions to effect recovery including The People's Republic of China, Qatar, India, Libya, Russia and Syria. Despite often lacking officially recognised legal mechanisms to effect recovery in some of the countries listed, we have a unique repertoire of tried-and-tested bespoke recovery strategies that are able to achieve positive outcomes in situations that are routinely called “lost causes” by traditional firms.


Chester Abbey has strategically positioned our team across the world to solve our clients’ unique problems. Our global team not only includes lawyers but also intelligence operatives, former military strategists and behavioural scientists.

Private Prosecutions



As state prosecution agencies increasingly lack the resources and will to investigate a multitude of serious crimes, especially white collar crimes, an emerging sector of private prosecutors are filling the void and are a legitimate and essential force for holding individuals and/or companies accountable for their criminal indiscretions. 


Chester Abbey is positioned to both be a leader, and a pioneer in the effective deployment of private prosecutions. We deviate from the path of traditional firms by utilising private prosecutions in various different ways which may serve as a component in an overall grand strategy designed to achieve a particular outcome or a standalone route to justice.

We also assist individuals and companies in reporting crimes to the appropriate authority or agency. We can guide you through the process of gathering the evidence to support an allegation in conjunction with our partners, and then ensure that evidence is prepared and presented in a clear and concise manner giving an investigation the best possible chance of success. We liaise with the investigating or prosecuting authority on your behalf, making sure you are kept informed of the investigation’s progress.


Economic sanctions 


Economic sanctions are often viewed as a political device packaged in a legal mechanism. Chester Abbey personnel have been navigating the global sanctions landscape for several years now and are proven to be subject matter experts in the field. Chester Abbey is able to advise nationals and companies on delisting, listing and investigating and documenting sanction violations of competitors who engage in deceptive practices to gain a business advantage. Our international network advises on UK, EU, U.S.A, Russia, China and all other types of sanctions. We have legal partners in every country that involves sanctions.


Economic sanctions can impact every aspect of business for even the most unsuspecting companies. Trade restrictions target transactions not only with countries that are subject to an embargo, but also with a growing number of terrorist organisations, drug traffickers, and other persons identified for any reason as a prohibited party. These restrictions can extend to unidentified entities that may be owned or controlled by designated persons.


Chester Abbey personnel have extensive experience advising clients on compliance with economic embargoes imposed by various governments under the International Economic Emergency Powers Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act, including sanctions regulations administered by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the U.K HM Treasury. We also conduct internal investigations, prepare voluntary disclosures and represent companies in sanctions enforcement actions, including negotiations of reduced civil penalties for the violation of sanctions regulations.

Global Investigations


Multi-national companies face growing legal challenges around the world. Investigations by law enforcement and regulatory bodies into allegations of corporate mismanagement or fraud have increased dramatically in frequency, intensity and complexity in recent years. In today's global investigation landscape, it is very common to see large scale cross-border investigations involving multiple agencies and legal systems. 


Fines against against corporations by various regulatory agencies are on the rise and enforcement activity is growing. Fines are routinely the preferred resolution by enforcement and law enforcement bodies to generate revenue in a resource stricken post pandemic world.


Our clients turn to us to help them manage the risk arising from such events. We use our experience of international cross-border investigations, prosecutions and regulatory proceedings, as well as parallel civil damages claims, to guide our clients to achieve strategic and commercially pragmatic results while minimising the risk of unsuccessful outcomes.


We are one of a few international crisis consultancies which have a dedicated global investigations team with proven ability to share expertise and resources across our global platform. Our local advisors in the US, the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, have deep experience and resources in handling criminal, regulatory and internal investigations for multinational companies with operations and businesses spread across the globe. 

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Crisis Public Relations


Chester Abbey provides a range of services to clients who are experiencing a crisis or high-pressure situation. Our crisis communication roadmap consist of the following:- 

1. Assess the situation: Chester Abbey will initially assess the situation to determine the scope of the crisis and the potential risks and impacts.

2. Develop a strategy:
Based on the assessment, we will develop a strategy for managing the crisis, including identifying key messages, developing communication protocols, and identifying stakeholders.

3. Manage communication: Chester Abbey are experts in communication, and will manage all aspects of communication related to the crisis. This may include drafting statements, managing media relations, and coordinating social media responses.

4. Provide media training: Chester Abbey provides media training to help clients prepare for interviews and press conferences, ensuring that they are able to communicate effectively and avoid making things worse.

5. Monitor the situation: Chester Abbey will monitor the situation closely, keeping track of media coverage, social media conversations, and stakeholder reactions. Chester Abbey will adjust their strategy as needed and ensure that the client is staying on top of the situation.

6. Provide ongoing support: Even after the immediate crisis has passed, Chester Abbey may continue to provide ongoing support, helping clients to rebuild their reputation and address any lingering issues.

We can help you with crisis management and critical issues such as potential legal and regulatory exposure, disclosure and reporting obligations, and dealing with media and other reputational issues arising from investigations.

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