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Who We Are



General Counsel

In a world where communication can be instant, it is important not to respond to crises with knee-jerk reactions. People need to be ready to respond in rapidly changing and contentious environments and to anticipate what emotional responses their communication might evoke. Lara brings specialisation in not only UK law, but also draws upon her knowledge of human psychology to help her clients safely achieve their goals.

Lara is particularly experienced in giving businesses the tools that they need to confidently organise their workers in a way that balances commercial interests with workers’ rights. With the correct approach and management, many issues can be prevented from becoming damaging disputes. With that in mind, Lara has delivered many training courses designed to educate owners and managers of businesses tackle challenging issues such as performance management.




Chief Executive Officer

Neel Chakrabarti is an experienced lawyer, intelligence operative and investigator with a demonstrated history of working on high profile cases. A former intelligence analyst for the metropolitan police with expertise in financial crime, behavioural analysis and counter terrorism.

As an intelligence analyst he was a pioneer in open source research on gangs and organised criminal networks and was the key analyst for a number of successful undercover operations. 


Neel is now a criminal lawyer with a focus on murder, drugs and financial crime. His criminal law career has been extremely diverse, including private prosecutions of former international spies and representing C.E.O’s in financial crime matters. Neel is an incredibly proactive lawyer who refuses to wait passively for positive outcomes, and instead focuses on accelerating them through ingenuity and innovation.


Neel has had the unique privilege of leading operations alongside former members from the highest echelons of the C.I.A, F.B.I, M.I 6, Mossad and various other intelligence agencies. Neel also specialises in crisis management for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and threat assessment for celebrities and political figures. 





Chief Strategy Officer

Mal Carter is an experienced business owner and his ascent within the legal industry is largely due to his unique ability of subverting ostensible barriers or hindrances to business and turning them into launch pads. 


His approach to problem solving is to engage in first principle thinking. By challenging the status quo, or the way things are done, he is able to generate innovation within traditionally static industries. This approach to business has enabled Mal to build and sell a debt management company, run an FCA licensed lead generation and processing firm, become the CEO of a law firm and now become the Chief Strategy Officer of Chester Abbey


Mal is the dedicated red team strategist or devils advocate. Every litigation strategy is scrutinised in granular detail by Mal to identify any possible obstacles that may occur and mitigate for them. This is a unique, but essential role that prevents confirmation or optimism bias. 


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