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The Praetorian advantage - Combined intelligence, investigation, security and litigation.
Providing industry-leading crisis response that combines legal counsel, private intelligence, and security for corporations, governments and individuals.

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Chester Abbey is a member of The Praetorian Group, an elite syndicate of inter-connected organisations who engage in deep collaboration to resolve complex issues. TPG was created with a view to solving a major problem in the crisis management industry; a critical incident can often prompt different organisations to compete for the lead position and believe that their service is the key to resolving the issue. This invariably leads to motivated reasoning and a lack of synergy between the organisations who are all trying to achieve the same goal. Our approach prioritises problem solving above all else and enables the optimal crisis response. Law firms often clash with public relations firms or private intelligence agencies for the dominant position in a crisis. 

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Who are the Praetorian Group?

Chester Abbey Solicitors is an international boutique law firm that focuses on international cross-border litigation and crisis management for ultra high net worth individuals, Government bodies and Fortune 500 companies.
Cato and Veil is an international  private intelligence agency that utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to resolve complex challenges for individuals, companies and governments.
ESC will creates a safe environment in your home, company, or any other location by assessing, implementing, and managing every aspect of security, surveillance or counter response.

Who were the Praetorian Guard?


The Praetorian Guard was a unit of the Imperial Roman army that served as personal bodyguards and intelligence agents for the Roman emperors. During the Roman Republic, the Praetorian Guard were an escort for high-rank political officials and were bodyguards for the senior officers of the Roman legions. The Praetorian Group is named after the famous Praetorian Guard who were responsible for marshalling and guiding emperors during the Roman empire. They were equal parts secret service, special forces and urban administrators, Rome’s Praetorian Guard was one of the ancient world’s most prestigious military units.

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